About Branche Basu Boutique + Cancer Awareness


Welcome to "Our Why Story" page.  We want to take this moment and give you a glimpse into why we started our online boutique store.  We are a family-owned business that really takes great pride in the quality of our products.  Our boutique was birth after I was diagnosis with Multiple Myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells/bone marrow.  Our quest for clean living not only became essential but NECESSARY. 


I began my quest seeking natural products in stores and found that some of the ingredients did not match the label for being nature.  I decided to begin making my own products so that I could control what was being placed on my skin.  I had done this in the past as a hobby and with my diagnosis it turned into me creating products for my family and me.  It took time to master the products, but we believe if our youngest family member (grandbaby) can use our products they are good enough for your family too.  In Nov 2016, we launched Branche Basu Boutique, LLC.  

We use skin loving oils, butters, herbs, clays, and essential oils in our products.  Our line consists of luxurious silky bath and body care products: body lotions, body scrubs, bath salts, jelly soaps, shower gels, soothing lip balms, and bath bomb/melts by special request.  We recently added Branche Fragrances where we offer candles and wax melts with 100% soy and essential oils. Our goal is to keep the integrity of our products and brand by using natural and sustainable ingredients; avoiding anything that collides with our vision and your skin.  


In addition to launching Branche Basu Boutique we are cancer awareness advocates. Each year I host a Bone Marrow Drive at Luke AFB during the months of March for Multiple Myeloma Awareness.  Cancer made me wake and realize what I was putting in my body and on my skin wasn't good. Now we educate others on toxins and living healthy. We are also proud to be part of A 2nd Act where survivors share their cancer journey and 2nd Acts after a cancer diagnosis. 

As our business grow we will continue introducing skin loving products to you, self-care, and wellness.  We love making wonderful products and we hope you will love them too!  After using our products, you will no longer need to go to the spa because we bring the spa to you. 

With Love,