How A Cancer Diagnosis Launched Branche Basu Boutique

Lets see I've always been a fit person, I played sports in school, join the military, taught Praise dance, was a Praise Dance Minister until I could no longer dance.  I was fit! Between 2009 - 2013 my health began to decline but I still was going nonstop. Being a wife, mother, pursing my BS and MS degrees, teaching dance, bible study, youth group, volunteering at the kids school....being a counselor to everyone. 

The first sign - I began losing my hair, skin irritations, sensitivity to light, anemia, and body aches.  I went to the doctor of course he gave me 7 different medications to help my immune system and to fight whatever was going on in my body and I began to expand.  2nd sign - during this time it was stressful because my mom had a stroke, oldest brother passed away, trying to finish my Masters degree, raise a family, and I was in a stressful job at the time. I dropped the job! Decided to take control of my life, switched doctors - and that's when I was properly diagnosed.  I had Multiple Myeloma, what's that! I had no idea. 

Being diagnosed with cancer and having young kids that have not graduated high school, college, or married began to get to me.  I was devastated.  I remember my husband saying where is your faith. I was like "really" are you serious, why can I not have a pity party for a minute.  He said no, lets trust that God had it under control and go from there.  I will have to tell you more about my testimony in another blog but God's good that's all I can say! 

I decided to take control of my life, it was not easy trying to eat right, but most importantly I need to release the stress in my life.  I was carrying everyones burdens as my own.  Trying to fix every house.  I had to release friends and associates that I was truly close to but I learned that they were not conducive to my health.  I truly miss those relationships but I had to let go and trust where God was taking me.  It was the best adult decision I've made to date. 

After working on my inner I began working on my skin and hair.  I began using natural (vegan) soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, and even stopped putting chemicals in my hair.  Everyone thought I was following a trend NOPE saving my life.  The journey was hard but the best decision I've ever made.  As time went on I realized that I had a second chance at life and what did I plan to do with it.  I call it a second chance because it was a wake up call, I was not living I was just passing through.  I would start things like writing my first book, planning women conferences, dance workshops, and quit them all.  I went to my garage one day looking for a few oils and pulled out a TREASURE CHEST! I was energized and I then had a different look at everything.  I began making products for myself and family members.  Launching a business was not in the cards but one day after making products for a few friends I was back in the lab again.  This time it had a purpose. 

Starting a business one must have a passion for what they are doing and not just about sell but making a difference or impact.  I never had a desire to be a business owner but I trust that God had other plans for my life.

Anyone can sell a product but we are truly about doing your best to live healthy.  I was not an ingredient reader until I realized that some of the items I was using cause cancer or they were detrimental to my health.  Our goal is to provide a product to customers that will help soothe their skin and still offer a luxurious product.  I will continue educating others and using my platform to share my Multiple Myeloma story. I believe that God gave me a second change - do over - get it right

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